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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Jesus said to Nicodemus: “You must be born from above.”" John 3: 7b


Heavenly Father, to be “born from above” can only happen because your Son was lifted up on the cross to bring healing to all people of every age. Having cleansed the earth with his holy life, he cleanses the heavens by triumphing over the demons who prepare for war in the air {Eph 2:2}, drawing all hearts to his own and by defeating all his enemies. Finally he dies on the cross so that lifted up “he has become obedient to the Father even to dying on the cross; on account of which God has exalted him.”{Phil 2:8}

Our Easter joy: though we are weak and sinful and fall over and over again, he has died for our sins and by his grace forgiven them and washed them away and healed us and made us whole and just. His Cross leads the way to Easter Joy and hope, to being born from above, to being refreshed by his mercy in the healing sacrament of forgiveness. Alleluia!

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