Weekly Prayer / Family Prayer

For your assistance in praying with the Church community this week, the liturgical Sunday readings read at all the masses are provided below, with some suggestions of activities that you and your family might do during the week to help sustain the messages of the Sunday gospel.

Please let us know if these suggestions are helpful for you or your family.

July 5, 2015, 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

"No prophet is without honor except in his native place, among his own kindred, and his own house." (Mark 6:4)


Ezekiel 2:2-5
2 Corinthians 12:7-10
Gospel of Mark 6:1-6
        Readings Here

REFLECTION: It is not easy to recognize a prophet, nor is it easy to be one. And like the God-man who lay down his life for his message, sometimes we, too, must lay aside our perceptions of just whom we will allow to be our prophets.

PRAYER: God, our Father, sometimes we are so quick to reject others no matter what they might have to say to us. Free us from prejudice and hardness of heart, which causes us often to reject both messenger and message. Soften our hearts and make us kind and open. Amen.


Monday: Think today of advice that has been given to you. Do you consider it valuable or simply brush it off.

Tuesday: Pray to the Holy Spirit for peace in countries throughout the world.

Wednesday: Pray as a family tonight the Glorious Mysteries Video Here of the Rosary for peace in the world.

holy spirit dove photo: Holy Spirit dove HolySpiritdovethirtyseven.jpg
Thursday: Discuss with the family the people and organizations who are working for world peace.

Friday: Discuss with another family member, why he or she thinks Jesus’ own people rejected him and his message. What do you think your reactions would have been to him?

Saturday: In quiet read this Sunday’s Gospel and reflect upon it. (Mark 6:1-6) Click for Reading

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, you speak to us even today through your Word and through your presence among us. Help us to be attuned to your voice. Amen!

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