February 26, 2012, First Sunday of Lent

"The reign of God is at hand! Repent and believe in the good news." (Mark 1:15)


1. Gen 9, 8-15
2. 1Peter 3, 18-22
3. Gospel Mark 1, 12-15
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REFLECTION: We now enter the serious days of Lent, lacking both the merriment of Shrovetide and the dramatic solemnity of Ash Wednesday. It is good for us to live with these contrasts, for they provide us with variety. Feasting prepares us for fasting and fasting readies us for celebration. Jesus too lived by these human rhythms. If we keep in touch with the Gospels, we can experience with him his different emotions. We can share in his inner thoughts.

PRAYER: Lord, slow us down. Quiet our hearts and minds. Help us relax and hear your voice within. We pray that we may make the time and take the time to receive more of your gifts of life this Lent. Amen.


Monday: Use the waiting times today at traffic lights, doctor’s office, wherever, to be quieter. Make simple prayers like, “Lord, fill me with your presence.”

Tuesday: As a family, perhaps at the meal, do something to fast. We fast so that we do not have to depend so much on material things.

Wednesday: At the family meal, ask what sacrifice can we do as a family this Lent. How might others benefit from whatever we sacrifice?

Thursday: Think of something “extra” you might do for Lent. Discover ways to proclaim the good news to others; only use words if you have to.

Friday: As a family pray the Sorrowful Mysteries of the rosary (click here for video) for world peace.

Saturday: Serve a simple meal tonight reserving what you save on meat, or on other expensive foodstuffs, for your local food drive.

PRAYER: Father, we stand on the doorstep of spring and of the promise of new energy. Direct our hearts and efforts toward a real and active participation in the season of Lent. Guide us through this time to the joy of Easter. Amen.

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