April 1, 2012, Palm Sunday

"Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord." (Matthew 21:9)


1. Isa 50, 4-7
2. Phil 2, 6-11
3. Gospel Mark 14, 1-15, 47        
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REFLECTION: The irony of Palm Sunday is that none of the glory of the day would last beyond the following week. Such turns and twists and ironies are not unknown to each of us. We have all experienced the alternating course which life lays before us: acceptance/rejection, victory/defeat, hope/despair, love/loneliness. Jesus was exalted on Palm Sunday, but he knew it wouldn’t last. Yet, his love and mercy remained intact; he would never surrender to despair or hatred. As we face the daily ironies of our lives, we would do well to remember Palm Sunday.

PRAYER: Father, when we see needs, help us to sacrifice our plenty; when we see despair, help us to share our hope; when we see loneliness, help us to give of ourselves. Help us to realize that in serving others, we are serving You. Give us generous and compassionate hearts. Amen.


Monday: This week we enter Holy Week. Begin today to think of the ways in which your family has been asked to “come in the name of the Lord.”

Tuesday: As we enter into the mystery of the cross, take time today to reflect on the ways in which you see that Jesus is still crucified. Pray today for the military and their families.

Wednesday: The symbols for Easter have to do with transformation, death to life, coldness to warmth, bare branches to leaves and flowers. As you clean the house, clean your heart. As you do your Easter foods, think of new life. Make an egg tree with the children and talk of new life.

family, attending church, chapelHoly Thursday: Everything in today’s liturgy talks of self-giving and service. Plan some act of service today. Make every effort to take part in Mass. Pray for those who serve our country.

Good Friday: Today we will want to spend in silence and sacrifice. Try to attend with the family the Good Friday services at church.

Holy Saturday: Let us keep today as a quiet day of waiting. Let us busy ourselves with joyful Easter preparations. Let us live this day in peace and in anticipation of the new life that is ours in Christ.

PRAYER: Father, how wonderful your care for us! How boundless your merciful love! This is the time when Jesus Christ broke the chains of death. Heavenly Father, in the joy of time, receive our sacrifice of praise.

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