Try Prayer! It Works! 2015 Contest USA

"Being about the work of my Father"Try Prayer! It Works! 2015

Obedience is an important part of a faithful life. We need to follow the rules of society, government and family to the best of our abilities. Especially with our parents, we need to listen and obey as they guide us through this often difficult world of choices and decisions.

Obedience extends far beyond our physical existence to the spiritual realm. We need to listen and respond to the messages from God. Just like Jesus in the Fifth Joyful Mystery, we must go “about the work of my Father.” Luke describes the circumstances of The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple as an opportunity for the Savior to do the will of the Heavenly Father. 

Are you obedient to God’s will? Are you listening to what he is saying to you? Are you doing all you can to be faithful to God’s mission and follow his direction in guiding us?

This year’s theme – Being about the work of my Father – of the Try Prayer! It Works! Contest focuses on obedience and faithfulness. Like Jesus in the Temple, are you aware of what God is saying to you and are you making every effort to follow that guidance? What are the ways that you do the work that God is asking you to do? When God speaks to you, are you listening and willing to do what he says?

Following God’s direction is never easy but it is always important. Like Jesus, we must listen with our heart and follow the path that is laid before us. 

Let Mary inspire your creativity in the form of artwork, a poem or an essay to demonstrate your feelings about The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple. Good luck and God bless!

Open to Grades K-12
$100 US for each 1st place winner
$100 US to sponsor of each 1st place winner

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